Adblock filter list to block obtrusive EU cookie law notices.

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What is Prebake?

Prebake is an Adblock filter subscription that blocks large, obtrusive cookie notices. These notices either consume a considerable amount of screen real estate or popup and distract the viewers attention, which can be just as annoying as ads.

To subscribe to these filters, you'll need to first install Adblock Plus, a free web browser extension that blocks ads.

Subscribe to these filters via Adblock and start blocking cookie notices.

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There are going to be sites that I have missed, or I may have screwed up a particular site. In any case, feel free to point out bugs or request new sites to be added via the issue tracker, or submit a pull request.

You can also email me.

User Agreement

By using these filters, you are allowing sites to set cookies by default, without you first being notified, and are agreeing to allow the sites you visit to set cookies.

Only use these filters if you understand the implications of allowing cookies.